Eclipse Software EmapWin(Version 1.21)

Emapwin Overview

Emapwin simulate the solar eclipse from 3000BC to 3000AD.

The Emapwin Eclipse simulation software has the following main features.

1) Display of the Eclipse Map
The Emapwin calculates and draws the following lines on the map.
a) Curve of the central line of the umbra
b) Curve of the northern and southern limit of the umbra
c) Curve of the northern and southern limit of the penumbra
d) Curve of the rising and setting
e) Curve of the maximum eclipse at sunrise and sunset
f) Curve of the maximum eclipse
g) Curve of the equal magnitude

2) Display of the table of the Central line
The Emapwin makes a table indicates the northern, central and southern
limit of the umbra by the parameter of the longitude. So it is easy to
draw the line on the map.

3) Display of the Local Circumstance
The Emapwin calculate the local circumstance such as maximum magnitude,
time , altitude of the sun and direction at the given place. The Emapwin
also simulate and display the eclipse at the given place.

4) Display of the Sky at Max. Magnitude
The Emapwin display the Sky view at maximum magnitude if that point is in
the area of the total eclipse.

(The above figure is Japanese version)

The improved point of Version 1.21 from the Version 1.11

1) MAP(sample)
The new version can display the map with the CIA world databak II data
which is placed in the following ftp site

2) City Name
The city name will be displayed on the map when the enlargement magnitude
is more than 20. The geographical data is supplied by Mr. Sheridan
Williams who is author of the "UK solar eclipses from yer 1 to 3,000".
The city name defined in the "" file will be displayed when
the enlargement magnitude is more than 10.

3)Mercator map method
The Mercator map can be displayed by select in the "Display menu".

The improved point of Version 1.11 from the Version 1.01

1) Bessel elements
The Bessel elements are recalculated based on the DE406 JPL Ephemeredes.

2) Delta T

3) The Sky view
If the observation point is within the total eclipse area, the Sky view at
The Maximum eclipse can be displayed.

4) Saros number
The minus saros number is applied for the ancient eclipse based on the

Comparison with NASA's Publication

Local Circumstances at Turkey Sivas(39d45'N 37d02'E) for 1999 Aug. 11 Eclipse
Calculation Emapwin_1.01 Emapwin_1.10 Emapwin_1.10 NASA*
Bessel Elements Emapwin_1.01 Emapwin_1.10 Emapwin_1.10 NASA
Delta T Emapwin1.01(63.8) Emapwin1.10(63.8) NASA(64.6) NASA(64.6)
First Contact 10:06:50.9 10:06:52.2 10:06:51.0 10:06:50.9
Second Contact 11:31:02.8 11:31:04.8 11:31:03.7 11:31:03.6
Max. Eclipse 11:32:07.1 11:32:08.6 11:32:07.5 11:32:07.4
Third Contact 11:33:11.0 11:33:12.1 11:33:10.9 11:33:10.8
Fourth Contact 12:49:58.1 12:49:59.7 12:49:58.7 12:49:58.5
Duration 128.2s 127.3s 127.2s 127.2s

*NASA:NASA Reference Publication 1398
If you want same results with NASA, plese overwrite the Bessel
elements in the attached Bessel elements file with NASA's Bessel Elements.

The above results has no Limb corrections.
To get the high accurate results , you will need to getthe Limb Corrections,
actual delta T at the time of the eclipse, etc.

Windows95 Emapwin Download

The Emapwin calculates based on the Bessel elements attached with the
software. In the basic release, the Bessel elements for all eclipses from
year 1951 to 2200 are provided with some famous eclipse in the ancient time.
The Bessel elements for the eclipse from 3000BC to 3000AD can be downloaded
from below.


*Eclipse data for August 11, 1999 courtesy of Fred Espenak - NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center.
For more information on solar and lunar eclipses, see Fred Espenak's Eclipse Home Page:

Emapwin Next Step

The following functions are not supported by this release.
It will be supported in the future.
- Print Function
- File Save function
- Multi-windows

April 15, 2000

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